Message from CEO​


Welcome to Brics India Trade Pvt. Ltd., a thriving trading company established in New Delhi in October 2009. Our core expertise lies in importing Korean food, facilitating wholesale and retail distribution across India, and broadening our imports to encompass a diverse range of Korean products. Simultaneously, we actively engage in E-commerce through platforms such as Amazon and our dedicated shopping mall at and

With 25 years of profound experience in the Indian market, Brics India extends beyond trading. We offer comprehensive consulting and agent services, including trade import/export agency, Indian market exploration, buyer matching, e-commerce strategies, and market research for Korean companies aspiring to enter the dynamic Indian market.

As India’s economy continues to burgeon, presenting vast opportunities, Brics India stands as a reliable partner in navigating the complexities of this burgeoning market. Despite challenges, India remains the world’s largest market, brimming with potential.

Driven by our ethos of trust, Brics India is dedicated to fostering growth alongside our valued partners. Our vision is to introduce Korea’s outstanding products to the Indian market, fostering an environment conducive to the expansion of exports and imports between Korea and India.

Best Regards,